Monday, June 29, 2015

Kiwi happened, oh and so did bacon!

Today we tried a few new things other than the bike ride.

Bacon and kiwi! Not together.

I had to take it from her, I didn't really want her eating something so of course she loved it. 

Two kiwis later!

Bike ride!!

Jenna loved it, and that makes me so happy!!

Monday, June 22, 2015


Stupid sleep post....we're up. What in the world? Um Jenna it's 3am! 

Saturday, June 20, 2015

10 months!

I can't believe Jenna is already 10 months old! 

She has had many outings this month. Story time at the library, new parks, children's museum, and our first trip to the little gym.  

I was unsuccessful getting a sticker or that new headband on her��

She is beginning to do odd things with her tongue, almost like feeling her bottom gum. She is also really gnawing on her pointer finger on the back left side. Just maybe, she might be getting a tooth! 

We have watched Jenna learn to do so  many things this past week. She can now put the ball toys at the top of the ramp and lets the roll down. Also each time we get out of bed, I have made her turn around and go down off the bed feet first. This morning, at exactly 10 months old she did it on her own. I felt so silly making her do this, and now I see yes it works. This makes me wish I had done sign language too. Maybe it's not too late. 

Jenna has also learned naughty things like dropping items off the balcony and off her high chair tray on purpose. She also might have had her first tantrum. I tried to put a shoe on her foot. She lost her mind, she was shaking she was so angry. 

At her appointment today we learned she is borderline anemic. We came home with a list of foods to eat more of, but I imagine we will have to supplement with vitamin drops. 

^this is how we leave the room now, trashed!

90% height! I was just saying look how tall she looks in these pictures. 

Thursday, June 11, 2015


One thing I rarely discuss is sleep...for one because as soon as you share or boast it changes greatly and your slumber comes crashing down. 

The other reason because it's just a hot topic. If I say anything about our sleep, jaws drop. Then I feel immediately like I'm ruining her, and the decisions I've made are the most horrible things out there. Overall just very unsupported. It took me a while to stop talking about sleep. I also realized doctors are good at sick people not sleep or nutrition, kinda like vets to dogs ��

We do cosleep. I love it. I plan to continue at this time. However this week I decided to try the crib for her naps. I nurse and once asleep rock for 5 minutes, then I sit still for 5 more minutes before transferring to her crib. ...and you know what it worked. She has been held for 290 days of naps and bam just like that it worked. She is transferred successfully and sleeps for about 30-40 minutes. 

Now that she naps alone I miss her. �� I silly. Here are some pics, even in the pack and play as we practice for travel. 

Love these comebacks for all my boasting mom friends that brag about sleep, ha

9 Months!

Each month I think, THIS is my favorite age. This month is no different. On May 21st Jenna turned 9 months. 

She is still so fun. She is so happy, and I love every minute of the day with her. As May was ending I was on super countdown mode until summer break. Her smile makes Will and I both melt, and that grin has been known to make Will late for work...he will often return for just one more snuggle. 

Wednesday, June 10, 2015


We walked to see the horses just outside the NEIGHborhood. She totally copied me when I said "neigh"...she is a genius. 

A little pool fun

We finally had to come in, she wouldn't stop eating grass. 

Bonnet training

I broke down. I bought one. Swoon so so southern!

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

I left her!

Last Sunday I went to church. We hadn't been in quite a while. Jenna had just woken from her nap when we arrived, so I knew she wasn't going back to sleep like she normally does. We went into the sanctuary equipped with her headphones. She watched the band play some songs and then it was time to sit and be quiet. Ha. She was talking and clapping so I decided to go look at the nursery. 

I wasn't prepared, they asked does she have a snack um no, wait yes some in her bag. Water? Nope. Bottle? Nope. When did eat last? No idea. They asked where would I be located in the church. I wanted to say her grandma is listening to the sermon. I'll be in the car taking a nap.  

It seemed ok :) and the pastor's wife took her and off they went. I returned to the sanctuary where I couldn't focus. Mama patted my leg, I know like "I'm proud of you, you'll be okay." If your baby needs you they put your number up on the screen. Well I stared at the screen bottom strip just in case. I might miss it! During prayer I kept peeking, what if they flashed the number up! Like they'd do it during prayer, but whatever. 

I did pay a little attention once I sat there long enough. It was about working and your job, so when it was time I pinned "please help me with my new summer job" up on the cross. 

When the sermon was over I went, nope, fast walked like the old folks at the mall to scoop her up. She was sitting on someone's lap eating Cheerios. She looked happy. :) 

Today as I end my paying job, I'm scared. I've been counting down days to summer since the day my maternity leave was over. Days to be with Jenna. Days to do fun stuff. Now I'm like panic. It's going to be hard. Today is my last day before the hard job begins. What if I try to do too much each day. What if she's grumpy. What if she doesn't want to do what I want to do. What if we end up in the poor house, cause I have a laundry list of things I want to do with her. What if I hate being at home. What if I'm crazy tired. 

One day at a time...cheers to the summer. It begins in just a few hours!