Monday, July 7, 2014

Cooking Class

A student in my class gave me a gift card to a group of restaurants for Valentine's Day. You can also use the card at Charleston Cooks. 

My group made (pic at bottom)
Grilled peaches with warm cinnamon pecan cake and whiskey honey butter

The rest of class made 
-steak with sauce
-grilled prosciutto wrapped asparagus, feta, and melon salad
-Carolina aromatic rice w grilled veggies, I've made something similar there like this before...
-sesame tuna bits with grilled cucumber, I heard this was the best of was rare so I didn't have any. 

Know what this is?? 

Grilled Watermelon! Have you done that before?

Speaking of belly button is starting to protrude!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Tying Shoes

I always tell Will that he can't get so big that I have to put his shoes on him. In the powerlifting world this is a real problem.

Well I've learned in the pregnancy world it's a problem too!

Do you see how the ties are in the middle? Two reasons, either I slip them on and don't re-tie them or that's as close to my hands as I can get my feet! Never thought tying shoes would be a challenge!

Dicing onions

Last week I took a grilling class at Charleston Cooks. They taught me how to dice an much easier than what I was doing.

See if you can follow my pictures.

Cut along the ribs, or whatever they are called...

There you have it,

Sorry for the bloody looking onions I just cut up a red pepper.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

6 Pack

I was shocked when I woke up recently and Will had 

1. posted a selfie on FB 
2. of his abs....

I figured two things it MUST be a slow day at the gym and he's having a mid life breakdown since he's <80 days from becoming a dad!

I promptly decided I should comment under his post with this picture! As Emily said Will is getting even more fit and I'm growing a watermelon! 

27 Weeks

Cheers to 27 weeks pregnant! I had my glucose test this morning. The drink wasn't nearly bad as everyone made it seem. Only a few steps away from how I like my sweet tea!

I didn't feel wonderful after about 50 minutes but within a few hours was good. 

I assume I will know tomorrow if I failed or passed.

This was like the end of 26 weeks but I hadn't worn this top in months, woah nelly...there is a belly!

I have a complex that I'm big. People make comments about my size and lead me to believe my belly is bigger than it should I am always comparing myself to others due in Sept. Mine is bigger, at least I think. 

Will and I attended a breast feeding class last week. Not a lot of new info, my friends have taught me most of it :)
I was so worried (he was not worried at all-didn't care) about him being the only guy, but he wasn't, there were plenty! 

I feel good, I still have a lot of energy...I feel like I need to take advantage of it. It's summer break and not going to work is fabulous! My mama visited me recently and we got bored with a rainy day so we began washing newborn and 0-3 month hand me downs. That was like woah, this is real��


Woop woop, I don't recall what the number needed to be, however I was 96 or something similar! 

But I am anemic so will start iron soon.


I thought I was way prepared to do this....I couldn't have been more wrong. It was really overwhelming, even with my list in hand with notes from Kim. I quizzed her in our last visit to VA. 

Catherine had said break it up into two days...I was like nah. Kim and I had registered, when I was pregnant with Stella two years ago and it was a breeze. 

In Irmo's Buy Buy Baby the first section you come to is feeding. Will and I just stood there. I was like, what?...I knew the bottle brands to get but size...why do you need those huge bottles, for later I guess? Then the whole pumping section. I have no idea what I registered for in that area. All I know is I scanned the car adapter since I hear pumping on the way to work is the cool thing to do, per Emily.

I even saw a mama in there I knew, I should have pulled her aside and gotten her to help me!

By the time we got to the back of the store. I was done. We couldn't really do it on another day, we don't live there! So of course the answer was to go eat. I sent Jaimie a few texts which seemed overwhelming enough for her to sign up her latest ATL mommy friend to register with her soon!

Round two: swings, play stuff, carriers, and the scary part car seats. I'd read so much my head was swimming. It was almost as if I was avoiding that section, but when it became the only part left...we went in. First I had to school Will on seats. I also played with the thought of skipping the whole infant carrier completely and going straight to convertible. Will didn't love that idea. I was thinking money, he was thinking safety. So Infant carrier sold, that was easy. I let Will choose the color, duh:

But convertible seat...there looked to be 30 options in store, two whole rows, but really most were colors of the same few seats. In my head I had two options, Diono or Recaro...I was also cool with the  Chicco. Will played around with them and moved parts all around. Also looked at things like how to remove the cover and such. Will choose this one:

I didn't take my phone in, so not many pictures...but we did get this one at the end. We were finished and somehow made it out of there with a smile! It was hours later.

P.S. Registering for your wedding is WAY easier...there is no research on the best blender or the most safe plates to get ��

Thursday, June 19, 2014

What's a smoothie?

After my 28 week checkup I was told to drink spinach smoothies. Of course I went to Pinterest and a few friends for help. I was nervous about making one, dumb I know...never blended anything or used a food processor...but I tried this morning all by myself. 

Here is the recipe I kinda followed. I didn't have an apple though.

Ready set go!!

At this ain't a workin'

Then it started, not sure what I was doing wrong...


The consistency is like runny grits, I don't think that's right...but I stuck a straw in it and almost finished it. But really wouldn't it be better to eat some spinach than making all this mess and sugar? Especially now that I'm looking around for my breakfast, and no I don't mean I want grits! With butter :)

Oh well, I tried! 

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Ultrasound Catch Up

18 Week Gender Cheat

20 Week Level Two Anatomy Scan at MUSC

The first picture on this disk...a great looking spine. This was the best appointment ever. I'm pretty sure we all breathed easier once we heard and saw this: 

24 Weeks
All squished up looking...a long way to go, hope it all grows with her and gives her some space!

Monday, June 2, 2014

My Trigger: Time of Year

I've been trying to ignore my feelings for the past three days. Trying to push them aside...I don't think I can do it anymore.

Last night I woke up more than normal and my heart was beating quickly each time.

6/8/12 the day we said goodbye to Stella is coming up. So that means about right now was our anatomy scan, and then the level two u/s to confirm the awfulness. 

The day we had the level two was our end of the year teacher party. Well that party is tomorrow, Tuesday. I already have a Barre class scheduled so I won't stay too long. I feel this party is something I will never enjoy. 

It's the beginning of summer, it's suppose to be a happy time. But with thoughts like this, it's not.

What can I do? Call therapy, I'll try but I bet she can't see me this week. Use a gift card for a massage...I'll set that up today. Go to yoga? I was bummed when my class was cancelled yesterday.

I just feel sad. I'm scared too. I can feel Jenna moving right now, so I know she's still in there. I hadn't felt her much since Thursday. I also thought about asking for a doctor's appointment, even if it's just to hear the heartbeat. But will that help? That's just one minute of one day, not the next day.

We have 14 weeks left...I'm hoping after this next ultrasound or after 6/8, I'll be back to normal like I have been, it hasn't been scary or sad most days.

Update: just a few minutes later, got out of bed...already feel better. Fingers crossed this continues. ��