Sunday, August 23, 2015


I just set my alarm clock. That makes me super sad. The summer was so much fun, I can't wait for it to be summer again. I probably should look at small things like be excited for Labor Day holiday not June.

Another friend's husband realized that she's almost been home for half of her August baby's life. So as I think about that, that's pretty cool maternity leave then summer about six months total. I am so glad to be a teacher. 

Here are some of the awesome things we did this summer. I kept a running list. This is the first summer ever I didn't get bored and I truly enjoyed it. 

Awesome stuff we've done
Tula'd to the pond
LLL meetings
Mt Pleasant pool play date
Ellie's bday party
Hunt club pool with daddy
Neighbors pool play date 
Water table at Lane's
Children's museum
Bagel nation
Storytimes at the library
Little gym with dad
Lake keowee with mmp
Beach daily at north litchfield
Rode in a golf cart
Hosted playgroup
Bike rides
Hadley over for dinner
Lunch at Emmy's
Mac's bday party
Mt p Water park
Traveled to Charlotte to see family

Tuesday, August 11, 2015


I held her for her morning nap today. The whole nap, it was lovely. 

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Ladybugs Ladybugs!

Jenna and I went to Magnolia plantation today to do a ladybug release. We first started with the petting zoo. Then we got her ladybugs and went into the woods to release them. Oh and we had our first nursing in the woods too :)

Thankfully Jenna is slower than the ladybugs or they would've ended up in her mouth! Be sure to check out the videos because they're funnier than the still shots.

Most kids were in ladybug costumes, next year will be prepared! 

11 months

Watching Jenna is so much fun. She is doing some really cool stuff. Most things are hard to explain here or seem silly but it's so amazing to me. 

She will put food on her spoon. She can use a fork and get food to her mouth. After you show her anything twice she has it. Cars on a race track ramp or how to get off the bed, onto the bench, and  then the floor.  

She is super busy. Her facial expressions are pretty funny now too. We ride each morning on the bike, and on weekends her daddy runs along with us. Naps are pretty consistent, she always sleeps 2 hours after she wakes. Then naps again about 1 or 2 pm. Bedtime is still around 7 after its all said and done. But she still wakes momentarily and nurses during the night. She's up at 6am ready to play! 

Jenna tried many new foods this month. Peanut butter, peaches, and bacon just to name a few. Needless to say she loved it all. Baby led weaning is uber messy, but so cool to see her work it all out. She will spit things out she can't handle, like peach skin that I didn't cut off. 

I'm going to miss all this, I'm already thinking about leaving her to go to work. I don't want to. It doesn't matter that yes I have the best caregiver ever. I still don't want to leave her. I'm trying to live for each day and enjoy the moment. As I type this, I've just rocked her to sleep, so now it's time to kiss her little cheek and place her in the crib. I never knew I could love her so much. 

Neighborhood Party

Mac turned 2! We biked over to his fire truck party. Alissa did such a cute party, you could tell she used Pinterest. 

I'm hoping someone for pics of Jenna and Mac, if so I'll upload those later. 

A real fire truck actually showed up and Mac got to sit in the driver's seat. He was so excited. 

Jenna also had her first chick Fil a nugget. She was a fan! 

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

First fever and tooth

It's amazing what you allow when your baby has a fever! TV!

Chewing on a frozen wet washcloth.

Much easier to get medicine in her while she's watching TV!

Mother's Day photo shoot

For Mother's Day this year will gave me a gift certificate to have photos of Jenna and I done together. I couldn't be more happy with how they turned out. Here are a few that I loved…

Monday, July 13, 2015

Family Beach Trip

Jenna loved the beach so much. She didn't cry at all the whole week except for one time when she fell and bumped her head.

She loved playing in "tents" with cousins, eating sand, and playing in the water. Jenna had her first golf cart ride, her first nap on the beach, and her first stroller ride at sunrise on the beach. We had a great week and I look forward to doing it again.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Kiwi happened, oh and so did bacon!

Today we tried a few new things other than the bike ride.

Bacon and kiwi! Not together.

I had to take it from her, I didn't really want her eating something so of course she loved it. 

Two kiwis later!

Bike ride!!

Jenna loved it, and that makes me so happy!!