Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Step Two-introduce dogs

I knew I needed to be calm, otherwise Buddy and Jade would pick up on my anxiety about the whole dog and baby thing. 

It was hard but I think I did good. 

Very interested in crying.

At first Jade was really under foot. She would follow me from room to room. She has since relaxed and doesn't pay us much attention. The one thing we need to work on is not walking around her, to make her get up when she sees us coming.

Buddy now is on high alert. Anytime she makes noise he comes trotting. He just stares at us, like are you taking care of that? 

If Jenna is really crying, he will ring the bell and ask to go out. I see this as a good thing, he needs to get away from it so I try to do better at jumping up to let him out. He needs his space. 

The day they came home from Moonshadow...this happened, I'm what? Our dogs aren't normally cuddlers with us or each other.

Coming Home

On the 23rd we were released to venture home. Woah scary. As we packed up Will and I talked about various things, we were both sweating. 

First thing is first dress Jenna. Tee tiny hardly fit in her newborn outfit. 

Here we go!

As I was told the days we were in the hopsital it was crazy hot. So poor Jenna is her winter type pj/outfit went home in 106 weather!

When we get home this amazing stork is in the yard. Special thank you to one awesome neighbor, Elisa. I just love it. I'm hoping to get out there and take some photos including the dogs.

Selfies and Such

I'm sure Grandma Sarah is reading this thinking...what is a selfie? Grandma let me teach you. It's when you take a photo of yourself. Usually it's on a day when you especially think you look extra pretty/good. 

Will said, "Um I'm pretty sure this is the most selfies I've ever taken in my life." I'll catch him now on the couch snapping a pic of he and Jenna. I just laugh.

Here are some selfies and other photos from our stay in the hospital.

Wow all these pictures are essentially the same. Oh well, I still love them.��

This green bracelet is a security measure so if she gets anywhere near an elevator or stair well they lock or shut down. Also if you take it off you will get a lot of attention is what we were told!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The Birthing Story, Part Two

My contractions hurt more now. At least Will thought so cause I was more vocal.

We arrived at East Cooper about 1:00ish...same time I'm getting a text from my mom that says, "Summerville" holy fast did she drive?

We got checked in and taken to our suite. Huge room. 
Again I'm hooked up to monitor Jenna's heartrate and my contractions. It's a bit boring but I feel at ease being all hooked up if something should go wrong. I look at the monitor when I think there is one coming and yep it peaks.

Classic Will

Glad someone is comfy!

Then my mom, Pat and my dad, Bobby and stepmom Carmel arrive. We visited and then kicked them out, so it's just us. 

I don't really recall the next things but essentially Dr. Gregory comes in. She says well Dr. Osborne said he was sending me a slam dunk, and if he said you will have a baby by the afternoon you will. He's always right. So she checks my cervix, and to our surprise she said my water had broken. So I could get my epidural at any time. Well Yes send that sucker in! 

Once I got that big ole shot. The contractions seased. However Dr. White my doctor, heard I was there and came in. I felt such at ease when I heard her voice coming in and around the curtain. 

Since I didn't know when my water broke, maybe 3:30pm the day before when I was walking to another classroom at school?? So I begin two rounds of antibiotic just incase it's been too long and to prevent infection. 

By now it's 5pm and I'm beginning the second round of antibiotics. I also get pitocin to start contractions back up at 6pm so that they finish at the same time and we will be ready to go!

Selfie from my side. When turned on my right the contractions came on nicely.

The nurse says alright let's do some practice pushes. I quickly tell Will to get my makeup bag. I slap on powder and mascara. Then I talk him into finding  some sort of wet wipe so I can gel my hair. That morning going to school so early I intended on doing all of this prior to meet the teacher, oh well now prior to meet the baby!

We do two rounds of practice pushing. They said let's wait to call nursery. I did like two rounds of three pushes and someone says um no call nursery now. She walks in and she's wow. Um what!?
Another person walks in and says who had blond hair as a baby �� what you can see that?

After twenty minutes of pushing, about 5 or 6 sessions three pushes each session. Jenna arrives!

August 21, 2014
7:05 pm
6.4 lbs
19 1/2 inches long.

I hope I got this story correct, I've already forgotten so much!

Saturday, August 23, 2014

The Birthing Story, Part 1

At the time I didn't know, but it all began on August 20th...I was getting my classroom ready for the children to come meet me the following day.

I walked over to my neighboring teacher's room and said, "either I just peed my pants or something else is happening." At that time I had a little fleshy discharge. I though no big deal just that morning I had seen Dr. Osborne and had a cervical check. 

That afternoon when I got home I had another small accident...again chalk it up to nothing. I mean you "KNOW" when your water breaks, this was like a splash. However I've never had that before...

Then around 6:00 pm I begin to lose my mucus plug. I then started to have cramps. Also yes I had a cervical check, so that's what it is....just cramps.

We still went to our local bar that night to hear a friend play music and have some dry ranch wings.

Throughout the night I had "cramps" like this many. I noted them in my phone. Clearly I didn't sleep.

Cramp (time between them)
8:06 (10)
8;13 (7)
8:49 (36)
10:01(1.12 hr)
10:19 (18)
10:38 (19)
10:51 (13)
11:08 (17)
11:18 (10)
11:34 (16)
11:46 (12)
11:58 (12)
12:13 (15)
12:24 (11)
12:36 (12)
12:47 (11)
1:03 (15)
1:13 (10)
1:29 (16)
1:40 (11)
1:50 (10)
2:03 (13)
2:15 (12)
2:37 (22)
2:55 (18)
3:10 (15)
3:31 (21)
4:00 (29)
4:18 (18)
4:49 (31)
4:54 (5) in tub 
5:07 (13)
5:16 (8) getting out of tub
5:29 (13)
5:44 (15) from her movement 
5:49 her movement (5)

I did call the doctor on all twice. Since I couldn't say yes these are contractions she said well if them come every 5 minutes then go to the hospital. I found myself doing cat cow yoga poses in the bed during all this...

So since I was up I went to work early. I freaked out those other early birds, why are you here? Go to hospital. Call doctor. I'm taking you. No no no I have things to laminate and a few things to print. I am going in a hour. It's not labor I'm sure, because folks KNOW when they are in labor...��

Thursday, aug 21st:
My plan get some room stuff complete for Meet the Teacher at 10:15

Then be at the doctors door when they opened. I was. Emily met me there with a frozen Arnold Palmer and snapped this photo. I'm pretty sure I said this is dumb taking my picture, I'll see you in 30 back at school. Ha.

This is the only appointment I talked Will out of attending. I assured him it was a first time mom thing and dumb, certainly jumping the gun. I mean we're 17 days away from her due date and all my friends firsts are way late regardless of what their doctor says. 

Dr. Osborne was there and he saw me again. Said yes my cervix had changed from yesterday and hooked me up to a non stress test. These measure contractions, which ends up yes I was having...well they felt the same as the prior night so I said, then I've been contracting for long time. 

He then said alright well it's time. I'll call the on call doctor, Dr. Gregory and let her know you are coming. Um what? I have meet the teacher. He said that's fine you have time, go by school see your kids then get to the hospital. Again, what? He looked at the clock, he said you'll have a baby by this afternoon. OMG. I wish I could make that bigger, OMG.

Well I didn't go to work. I met Will at home and he took the dogs to the kennel. I packed a few more things, we stopped by Arby's and headed on. 

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

36.4 Week Update

Most of you know, I don't it's really rare. This pregnancy I might have cried once, well I cried yesterday...this song came on the radio and wow the flood gates.

Will probably won't listen to it, I've sent him the link...then I sent him the lyrics only so maybe he'll read them at least. But he knows if it made me cry, he will definitely cry.

In other news I had a check up today. I've gained 1.6 lbs in 5 days, that seems like a lot in a little time to me, but really I don't's just a most appointments Will falls asleep almost immediately, today no different.

So no wonder when she walked in and said wow baby is really low, you're very thinned out, and about a fingertip dilated...let's go ahead and schedule an induction date, even though I think she will be here before that...Will's eyes were huge, like um what just happened?

So If Jenna is not here prior to 9/4 I will be induced that day! My options were 9/4 or 9/8...Will already knew there is a full moon 9/8 or 9/9? so I chose the other day! I don't want to show up at a packed hospital.

Doctor also asked me when my last day of work was...I told her I didn't have one. She suggested 38 weeks, I bluntly said nooooo. Our first day of school is 38.2. I plan to be there! She said it's fine as long as I feel okay. I imagine I won't but am a workaholic and possibly a control freak.

Is there a way to make this photo correct? I'm not that smart!

We also went to the pediatrician's office and met her. I think we liked her enough. This whole week has been like this, like woah nelly this is real, this is happening, and this is happening soon. We really are ready, we have everything you could ever imagine we just need her now!

Monday, August 11, 2014

Maternity Photo Shoot

Photo Credit to Susannah E.