Sunday, September 14, 2014

Our First Bottle

Oh this was hard on my heart. But I'm  sure made Will very happy. I actually needed him to like turn cartwheels from being so overjoyed...he didn't, but I still expected him to. 
Yes it's the worlds smallest bottle but we have to start somewhere right!? Probably 1oz. which she drank in record time! Afterward she went right to the breast, phew!

Now don't think you're gonna come over and feed her, not sure this will ever happen again. :P

Friday, September 12, 2014

Family Pictures

Four generations on both sides...aren't we lucky!

Thursday, September 11, 2014


So the hospital did the feet...they didn't do the hands said it was hard since babies make fists a lot. Um yea ya think?

It looks like a dog! Next idea what to cover it with...cute picture of her :)

Bath Time!

I was taking a bath!

It took me a while to build up confidence to give Jenna a bath! She is 21 days old now. It was a success. She did so good and was happy! 

She only got fussy when I took her out!

I'll take care of that fussiness! :)

Thursday, September 4, 2014


Today was an emotional kind of day. It began just fine. We had Jenna's two week check up. Her jaundice is under control since she's eating well and her weight is up to 6.10 (a gain of .6 oz)

You've been warned don't read the rest if whining annoys you.

Then the day turned. Our condo has been vacated and left a real mess. They also didn't pay August rent so we're out that money to help with mortgage and repairs. We do have their deposit. But a list of things we must take care of now. Locks changed, garage door opener MIA, bug man called, power and water to my name, cleaning, carpets cleaned, holes patched, all walls painted. Will said they are all bad. Oh and a garage full of crap to get rid of...

Then HR called. They wanted to discuss my return date for work. Yuck. It's like we're on countdown. I asked them to figure how much I will owe them if I stay out all 12 weeks. Yes use up all my sick and personal days, and then pay for the rest. We shall see what figure they come up with...can't think of anything worse than not being home right now.

My heart hurts.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Poopy Kind of Day!

Jenna had her 2nd photo shoot today. There was a lot of #1 and #2 going on! I got it first before we left, then Will got both 1 and 2, then I got it again when we got home! The poor photog's wood floors!

Here are some pictures from today!

^not my favorite...she looks like a pilgrim.

Totally thought she was finished, I was very wrong. 

Friday, August 29, 2014

Hospital Photo Shoot

We are just completely smitten! Bella Baby did an excellent job.

So Much Love

Jenna has had many visitors. Here are some of her fans from her first week. I didn't get a photo of everyone...thank you especially to Ashley at 10pm after Jenna was born and the Five Guys delivery! Then my AH family-Emily, Becky, Andrea, and Dana for stopping by.

These two crack me up. -awe first time grandmas!

Stressful times call for Bob Marley

During my pregnancy this was my go to song. 

Three Little Birds

Now is no different...screaming diaper change. Overthinking the cloth diaper wash routine for fear of ruining them. Burping...I'm not good at that, I'm also not good at soothing without nursing. Will and Mama make it look so easy. I've got a genius plan record Will's voice and I can play it to chill Jenna out. I swear she hears it and shuts up. I shouldn't be surprised many littles do that to Will's deep voice.

Click below to hear this song ��

Doctor's Visit

We've been to the doctor twice now. Both times jaundice has been the concern. She is in fact jaundiced just not bad enough to do anything about.

The first visit when she was getting checked out the doctor was inspecting an area right above her butt, almost like a dimple. I had this written down as a question too. He said he only gets concerned if it has a tuft of hair in it or is really deep...then he begins to explain how the backbone zips up...I immediately start gabbing and don't give him time to finish. It was scary for a moment. I'm pretty sure he used the words spina bifida, but I know I said it and told him about Stella. He may have only used that word SB after I did. Not sure. Breathe. Breathe. Breathe.

During our second visit her umbilical coffee was hanging by a thread. The doctor removed it and I was very thankful it made me nervous. Jenna was also back up to birth weight at 6 days old, this was super!

We return at 2 weeks old.